MAGEEP Funded Projects 2009-2010

Washington University in St. Louis has funded 11 projects to promote interactions with counterpart Universities in MAGEEP. Preliminary results from these projects will be presented at the MAGEEP Second International Symposium on Energy and Environment.

MAGEEP Funded Proposals 2009  

Project WUSTL PI(s)/Co-PI(s) University Partner Participant(s)
Oxidative Treatment of Industrial Rainwater: Development of Novel Catalysts and Technology Evaluation P.A. Ramachandran, Professor of Chemical Engineering A. Garg, Asst. Professor, Ctr. For Environmental Science & Engineering, IITB
Reducing Energy Demand in Commercial Buildings: Dynamic Heat Transfer and Storage Systems Paul Donnelly, Professor of Architecture;                Ramesh Agarwal, Professor of Engineering Shu Chang, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, NUS   Ismail Tuncer, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, METU
Development of an Environmentally Benign, Conjugated-polymer-sensitized Solar Cells Da-Ren Chen, Assoc. Professor, EECE;                                      Ruth Chen, Professor of the Practice, EECE Chih-Chieh Chen, Professor, Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, NTU
Study on Stress and Bioremediation Mechanisms of Microorganisms Exposed to Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Yinjie Tang, Asst. Professor, EECE Achariya Suriyawong, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Chulalongkorn
Sustainabe Technology for Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water:  Principles and Performance of Electrocoagulation Daniel Giammar, Assoc. Professor, EECE;                              Jeffrey Catalano, Asst. Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences Sanjeev Chaudhari, Professor, Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering, IITB
Non-Price Barriers to the Development and Implementation of Alternative Energy Technologies Itai Sened, Professor of Political Science, Director, CNISS                                                                            VARIOUS – SEE PROPOSAL (4) VARIOUS – SEE PROPOSAL (3)
Systems Approach to Energy and Climate: Analysis Frameworks Rudolf Husar, Professor, EECE, Director, CAPITA Dingli Shen, Professor & Director, Ctr. for American Studies, Fudan University
An on-chip platform for ultra-high sensitivity detection of pollutants in air and water using whispering-gallery-mode optical microcavities Lan Yang, Asst. Professor, ESE;   Da-Ren Chen, Assoc. Professor, EECE Yunfeng Xiao, Professor of Physics, Peking University
Airborne Soot in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Assessing Contributions and Developing Interventions Gautam Yadama, Assoc. Professor, GWB School of Social Work;  Jay R. Turner, Assoc. Professor, EECE Akimasa Sumi, TIGS, University of Tokyo                                                     Nami Kitamura, TIGS, University of Tokyo
Coastline loss and the socio-environmental impact of displaced communities:  Correlating environmental catalysts for shoreline change with human response Michael Frachetti, Asst. Professor, Anthroplogy Patrick Daly, Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute, NUS
Allocating Exhaustible Resources Across Generations Michele Boldrin, Professor of Economics                                  Raul Santa Eulalia, Asst. Professor, Economics Raphael Bergoing, Assoc. Professor, Economics, University of Chile