MAGEEP ACCESS Funded Projects


A thematic area – Abundant, Cost Effective Clean Energy Systems for Sustainability (ACCESS) was launched at the MAGEEP 2010 Symposium.
The focus of the research and educational projects are to evaluate the energy needs of rural populations – which exceed 3.5 Billion people across the globe.
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2011 McDonnell Academy Global Energy & Environment Partnership / ACCESS Research Projects Funded

   Proposal # Proposal Title WUSTL PI(s)/Co-PI(s) University Partner Participant(s)
1 Systems Engineering of a Microbial  Coculture for Cost-effective Cellulosic Alcohol Production Yinjie Tang, Engineering & Applied Science Yunfeng Yang, Tsinghua University
2 Sustainability and Capacity Growth in Alternative Energy Production  Itai Sened, Arts & Sciences  Eric Zimmerman, IDC and VARIOUS
3 Randomized Control Trial of Sustainability of Improved Biomass Cookstoves in Rajasthan, India Gautam Yadama, Social Work,  Pratim Biswas,  Engineering & Applied Science, Mario Casto, Medicine, Kenneth Schechtman, Medicine Chandra Venkataraman, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
4 Low Cost Integrated Solar Energy and Storage Systems: An ACCESS Initiative Pratim Biswas, Venkat Subramanian, Engineering & Applied Science Chetan Solanki,  Sagar Mitra Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
5 From Patina to Photovoltaics:  Nanostructured Cu2 O – ZnO Solar Cells on Brass Parag Banerjee, Engineering & Applied Science Avner Rothschild, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Tejal Kanitkar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
6 Energy Poverty and Energy Technology Policy for Human Development in India and Other Developing Economies Ramesh Agarwal,  Engineering & Applied Science Ramprasad Sengupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University
7 Integrated Observations for Characterization of Atmospheric Aerosols Over India Rudolf Husar, Engineering & Applied Science Virendra Sethi, Indian Institutute of Technology Bombay
8 Biomass-Derived Particles in Engineered Systems and the Environment of India Brent Williams, Engineering & Applied Science Virendra Sethi, Indian Institutute of Technologu Bombay
9 Nexus Between Water and Electrical Power Systems: Cooperative Versus Game Theoretic Policies Hiro Mukai,  Jr-Shin Li, Engineering and Applied Science Ming-Che Hu, National Taiwan University
10 The Energy-Water Nexus of Emerging Technologies for Energy Resource Extraction:  Impacts of Shale Hydraulic Fracturing and Geothermal Energy Production on the Mobilization of Trace Elements John Fortner, Daniel Giammar, Engineering & Applied Science,  Maxine Lipeles, Law Anurag Mehra, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Orhan Yenigun, Nadim Copty, Bogazici Univerisity