MAGEEP Education Network

Educational activities will be promoted through the MAGEEP EDUCATION NETWORK – a partnership of the 29 Universities, along with several interested Corporate Entities to promote content development and dissemination.



Explore utilization of the synergistic strengths of the various faculty at the partner Institutions to offer a series of educational programs through short courses, cohort students groups and other means.

The key concept of the education program is the MAGEEP Energy and Environment Cloud to enable interactions amongst the partner Universities and constituents.The web-based infrastructure will supportcommunication; will be a platform for cooperation through shared resources and it will also facilitate coordination for jointly developing, organizing and disseminating educational and research content. The shared Energy and Environment- related resources in the cloud can be tapped seamlessly by all interested users. Experts from various Universities can collectively develop and deliver content using systems for data sharing and processing, tools for multimedia educational module creation and social media for cloud-supported human interaction.



The delivery of educational content takes various forms:

1) MAGEEP Guest Lecture Short Course Program in Energy and Environment
Several Short Courses have been offered (selected list)
• Aerosol and Air Quality; Mumbai, Dec. 2012
• Waste to Energy, Hyderabad, Jan 2014
• Nanotechnology and Zero Liquid Discharge, Ahmedabad, Jan 2014

2) Undergraduate Outreach Study Program in Energy and Environment

3) Collaborative PhD Student Advising in Energy and Environment Ph.D. Students from various Universities working together

4) MAGEEP Global Leadership Certificate Program in Energy and Environment

In addition to listing of courses taught in the Energy and Environmental areas (contain more than 800 courses as of May 2007), the faculty from the 21 partner Universities are co-developing course content, exploring ways of co-teaching, and establishing co-laboratories.

To learn more, please visit the MAGEEP Education Website