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  Knowledge is a profound source of power, with the potential to free one from one’s circumstances and transform society; this transformational potential will without doubt determine the future direction of humanity, as it has throughout history. At this vital juncture, the University of Tokyo aims to open itself up to society, to act as a dynamic center for the exchange of learning and the transformation of traditions, as a bridge across the divisions of knowledge, and to fulfill its mission of presenting to the world a new model for a university centered on the belief in the importance of knowledge.

  To this end, the University of Tokyo is striving to establish a rich and supportive environment in which current and future students can study and create a personal understanding of knowledge, to become the next generation of researchers and academics, scientists and businessmen, civil servants and entrepreneurs. Active exchange programs with institutions around the world ensure that students are exposed to a wide variety of theoretical and cultural models, and ongoing programs to improve and expand the campuses and facilities of the university have seen many buildings completely renovated and new research programs established. Effective support and scholarship programs ensure that students are free to focus on their studies, and the University of Tokyo continues its efforts to establish strong support structures for all its students, undergraduate and graduate alike.

  An energetic program of research and innovation, and strong international links in research and education are the hallmarks of the leading global universities today, and the University of Tokyo is no exception. In many fields our research is setting the international standard and our programs of international cooperation and exchange support a vigorous and creative agenda. The University of Tokyo is taking concrete steps to modernize and internationalize its structure, education and research programs and administrative processes, with the aim of creating a vibrant intellectual milieu for the benefit of all members of the university.

  To achieve these goals, the University of Tokyo requires an efficient and flexible structure that is able both to respect the traditions of the university and to respond to modern demands. The keywords of the university’s efforts towards realizing these aims are ‘Autonomy, Cooperation, and Distribution’. A strong core affords the University of Tokyo the advantages of scale that come from being a large research university and enables the distribution of responsibility, and at the same time the flexibility that comes from having autonomous components working in cooperation for a common aim.

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