McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environment Partnership
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McDonnell International Scholars Academy
Symposium: Global Energy Future
October 1 - 5, 2010
Washington University in St. Louis
Graham Chapel / Brauer Hall / Knight Center
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Following very successful 1st (in St. Louis) and 2nd (in Hong Kong) Symposia, the 3rd Symposium will be held in St. Louis.  It will be attended by Presidents of partnering Universities, faculty, students and several leading personnel from Industry and Government.   The focus is on a Global Energy Future Study.

The 3rd Symposium on Global Energy Future was held between October 1 and 5, 2010 in St. Louis and was a great success!  MAGEEP Universities inititated discussions on future collaborative activities, and will finalize the arrangements shortly.  A final version of the GLOBAL ENERGY FUTURE REPORT will also be released in February 2011.

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*     Global Energy Future Report (Preliminary version)

*     Report of MAGEEP Projects (click to access)

*     MAGEEP Student Network Energy Competition Winners

*     Pictures of the event

*    Opening of LEED GOLD Building - BRAUER HALL


Global Energy Future Study Report
A Committee chaired by Chancellor Wrighton is conducting a Global Energy Future Study. It is anticipated that the Report summarizing the study will be released at the Symposium. The Study is similar to a US National Academies undertaking that recently released a report on America's Energy Future.

Keynote addresses and presentations by the following dignitaries:  
John P. Holdren
Assistant to the President for Science & Technology
Director, Office of Science Technology Policy
Executive Office of the President of the United States
Kristina M. Johnson
Under Secretary of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
Richard A. Meserve
President, Carnegie Institution for Science
Former Chairman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Member
Member: National Research Council Committee on America's Energy Future
Gregory H. Boyce
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peabody Energy
Dr. Joseph Strakey
Chief Technology Officer, US DOE NETL
Gary S. Calabrese
Vice President, Science and Technology, Corning, Inc.
Dr. Robert R. Archibald
President, Missouri History Museum
Mark S. Wrighton
Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis
Vice-Chair, National Research Council Committee on America's Energy Future

Additional presentations will be made by Presidents of the partner Universities of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy.

Presentations will address:
1. Assessment of the world's future energy needs in next 50 years;
2. Evaluating energy resources to meet energy needs and barriers in developing needed energy resources;
3. Technologies for addressing the accumulation of CO2 from the combustion of fossil fuels and recommend areas of research to advance such technologies; and
4. Identifying research opportunities to advance the creation of new energy sources, including renewables and to improve the efficiency of energy-consuming vehicles, devices, systems and buildings.
5. Global Energy Future project will also focus on defining cooperative education and research programs for McDonnell Academy Partner Schools to work together collaboratively. 

Other areas of interest:
Opening of Brauer Hall
Opening ceremonies for the new LEED Certified Building for the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering.  Display and demonstration of Energy Efficiency Projects.  State of the art research laboratory tours.

Collaborative Project Updates / Planning for New Ones - MAGEEP
Click here for sample list of collaborative projects.
There will be sessions on Solar Energy, Bioenergy, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Entreprenuership & Innovation in Clean Energy and Environmental Technology Development; Venture Capital for Clean Energy, and many others.  Sessions will also focus on Energy and Environmental Education.
Update on Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization Projects
The Industry supported Consortium is in its first year.  The goal is to develop "carbon neutral energy technologies" & environmentally compliant clean coal technologies.  Click here for list of projects. A tour of a clean energy research faciility is planned.
Funding Opportunities for Clean Energy and Environmental Projects
Panel discussions with Foundation personnel and Venture Capitalists. Learn about possibilites from the experts.
Short Course on Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency 
Learn about national and regional trends in energy generation; and implications of these on the environment. Hear about perspectives from experts from local utilities.  Learn about ENERGY EFFICIENCY projects that will save your company and organization monies.  Tour of Brauer Hall to learn about energy efficiency devices in practice.

Separate registration is required to attend Short Course. Space is limited.   Click here for more details.
Doctoral Student Network
Doctoral students from the 26 partner Universities of the McDonnell Academy are interacting on various projects. They will present their latest findings and research ideas.  Several sessions of interest to visiting students are being organized. 

Interactions are continuing through cyberspace. Click to learn more
Clean Energy Competition for MAGEEP Students: WIN CASH PRIZES:  28 Submissions
Students can participate in a Clean Energy Competion and win cash prizes. Click here to view Videos.

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